Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night at the hostel!

What a night!!!
Its halloween so automatically it seems that people have to act like complete idiots!!!! People were buying drinks at the bar and would not pay.... and would get agressive when asked to pay for their drink. It got so bad that Milen (my work buddy) had to close the bar one hour earlier and kick everyone out!!! And all these people are grown ups.. not teens trying to be little stupid rebels.. and they are also locals and people that come ALL the time!!! I dont know.. its silly!!!
Then I was working at night... so i was sleeping there... and it was just awful. First of all every half hour someone was coming in or going out. Normally its dead quiet and i can have a good night sleep. And of course everyone was coming in DRUNK... TRASHED.... pretty much thinking that they owned the place, asking to use the closedf kitchen, to get more beer, drinks.. etc. NO! just go to bed you drunk idiot... idiot.
Then a bunch of people ring the bell, so I answer and some dude that is not sleeping in comes into the hostel. I tell him to get out because he is not sleeping here. His answer, GIVE ME A BEER AND ILL LEAVE. It was like 4 30 so the bar was way closed. I told him.. sorry the bar is closed I cant give you a beer and you need to leave. He says well im not leaving until you give me a beer. So i say. HEY look at the bar. Its ALL closed, the lights are turned off.. clearly that means you cant have a beer. So he says well you let all these people in why are they allowed to go in. UMM because they are staying in the hostel. Oh well i want to stay here drink and sleep here. Sorry the hostel is full. Well ill sleep on the floor. Yeah you will sleep on the floor... OUTSIDE. NOW COME ON GET OUT. No I want a beer. GET OUT NOW before I call the police. Yeah you wanna call the police well here heres my phone call the police. In my head im thinking.. SHIT.. i dont even have the police number.. So at this point i start getting really pissed... I tell him. GET OUT JUST GET OUT! stop being an idiot and get out of my hostel. Ohh your getting angry.. why are you getting angry.. euh cuz Its 4 30 am... you want something i cant give you and even if i could i wouldnt give it to you and you wont leave.. and i want to sleep. So he says why dont we go talk about this outside and let these people go to bed... stupid guy... really? So i say alright. As soon as he is outside i close the door and lock it up. What a d-bag!!! ahaha... the rest of the people in the hostel were holding the door so he could not open it. Anyways.. then my heart was pounding all night long and each time the bell rang i thought it might be him again. So pretty much I didnt sleep at alllll because really everyone was coming in all night. Some people actually came in at 6 30.... so now im pooped. and i cant wait to get to bed. Me and my spanish friends are going to a theme park that is NOT euro-Disney. Then i am taking them to the canadian beer so they can have poutine and watch a hockey game!!!!
The weather is nice. So nicceeee.. no snow a tiny bit of rain and just lovely weather.
PHIL YOUR HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mado the pics of the kids dressed are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is ok!!!
bisous to all!!!

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